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mihai cicioc

Rooms were clean, food was good and diverse, the beach is close, they have a lot of activities for children.
Although the overall experience was great, this hotel is suited more for families with small children and not for just adults.

mihai cicioc
Rachel Wasteney

Just got home and booking for next year already! Hotel is beautiful, staff are wonderful! The beach is amazing i would recommend this place 100%. Cant wait to go back x

Rachel Wasteney
Viktor Baramov

Very good facilities, good food, a little bit crowded,but still worth the money. On the beach itself, despite there is a charge for the sunbeds and umbrellas even for hotel guests. The sea is a kind of steep and gets deep quickly, so you should be careful with the kids. Would highly recommend the place.

Viktor Baramov
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Lagomandra, Sithonia, Chalkidiki
Postleitzahl: 63088
Tel: +30 23750 72217 - 8 und +30 23750 72226 -7
Fax: +30 23750 72009
E-Mail: info@lagomandra.gr

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